Search Trending Optimization

What if your App name is appeared in the Search Trending list, or even in the top, when users open Appstore app on their iPhones? With ASMBee Apple Appstore Hot Search Trending Optimization services, you app name will be listed and catch incredible seeings, taps, installs! BTW, we support 55 countries!

Appstore Hot Search Trending Optimization

What is Hot Search Trending Optimization

and why it will increase your downloads in crazy way

ASMBee Apple App Store Search Trending List Service

Words Listed


Users Choice


More Downloads

Only 10 words/phrases can be listed in the app store search trending, it is a precious place to catch abstentions. Be listed here is definitely a clear signal to the users that your app is popular and brand is reliable.

More than a half users looking for new ideas for apps, and will click one or more listed words in the app store search trending list.

A huge increasing of tapping and downloads will be detected after we optimize your app among this list, 3-5 times growth is very normal, a much crazy increase is possible also.

Features of Search Trending Optimization


Within 48 hours your brand &  app name will in store search trending list.

55 countries available, if your app is only in a specific country is also OK.

Results Guaranteed, when we accept your case, means it is 100% reachable.

Stay and stable , once you app name is there, it will stay  for a while


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Please feel free to contact us if you need further information on this service. As an technology driven company, ASMBee is willing to help you improve your app marketing strategies and methods, and will always dig deep into insight data, and find the best path to the final destination.

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