Apple Search Ads Best Practice: Keywords Strategy – Part 2


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The Advantages of Self-selected Keywords

Although the relevance of the recommended keywords is high, in line with product positioning, just put the recommended keywords is not enough. In Appstore Search Marketing (ASM), CPs must expand the number of keywords by putting some self-selected keywords.

Compared to recommended keywords, what are the advantages of the self-selected keywords? Based on past experience and access to dozens of CPs, ASMBEE sums up the following advantages.

  1. Recommended Keywords are Limited:

Apple recommended products for the number of keywords is limited to 50, generally only recommended about 30. So, there are still a lot of related keywords that are ignored.


Apple- Search-Ads-keywords-strategy

  1. Recommended Keywords range is too small

The recommended keywords are basically taking the brand keyword as the core, which makes it too concentrated, limited range of radiation, many high-quality and high popularity of the industry keyword cannot be included in the recommended keywords.

  1. App Nickname:

A lot of Apps have some special alias, for example: League of Legends alias lol. These nickname is very different from the product name, Apple cannot identify these nickname, it is impossible to recommend these keywords for the ad users. The search volume of the product’s nickname is very large, we can’t ignore that.

  1. Competitors’ keywords

Rank the competitors’ keywords is the primary task in Appstore Search Marketing(ASM), a good competitors’ keywords strategy for the product can bring a lot of traffic, but Apple’s official won’t recommend competitors’ keywords absolutely, unless it is very like the products’ name.

Apple- Search-Ads-keywords-strategy

  1. Associative keywords

When we use Google Chrome to enter a keyword in the search box, it will automatically pull down a keyword list, these keywords are associative words. When Users search in the App store, Apple will automatically match the association word. It can trigger the users’ curiosity and make them click. For ad users, the association keyword is very worth considering. But most of the association keywords are not among the recommended keywords by Apple.


  1. Typo Keywords

Apple Appstore Search Marketing (ASM) is put on line in the North America, only support English language. When the user searches, due to keyboard restrictions, operating habits and other issues, many keywords may be easy to misspellings.

For example, the keyword of an app is tourism. If there are many users type the last letter of “m” to “n”, the wrong keyword “tourisn” become a worthy keyword to rank. However, Apple is not going to recommend a misspelled keyword.

The form of self-selected keywords are flexible, you can open up new channels of traffic, but also avoid competing with competitors’’ keywords to obtain more display rate, reduce CPA. In short, the biggest advantage of self-selected keywords, that is, can make up for the lack of recommended keywords.

For small manufacturers, that is difficult to compete with the big manufacturers, may be able to tap the self-selected keywords to perform well in ASM

In the Apple search ads, the simple choice of recommended keywords or self-selected keywords is not good strategy, combined both of them is the most brilliant choice.



Apple Search Ads Best Practice: Keywords Strategy – Part 2

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