Apple Search Ads Best Practice: Campaign Structure

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Hit the nail on the head will save you half strength for smashing. This is working in most cases, including the Apple Search Ads planning and managing. The first thing you need to know, is the basic structure of campaigns in Apple Search Ads.

Generally, the campaign structure in Apple search Ads is like Google Adwords, but much simpler. As you can find in the picture below, they are structured as 5 layers.

Apple Search Ads best practice, apple search ads campaign structure,apple iad best practice

1.  Explanation for Each Layer

First Layer, your Apple Search Ads Account.

It’s your Apple ID here. Multiple campaigns can be hosted in the same account, they will share the same payment method, API authorization, etc.

Second Layer, Campaign Group.

Consider the campaign group as a series of campaigns, rather than single campaign that with only one specific purpose. We’ll give a simple example to explain this further.

Third Layer, Campaigns.

You can focus on one APP in campaign.

Fourth Layer, Ads Group.

Put the similar keywords lists into one keywords group, this will enable you to track and review data easier and more straightforward.

Fifth Layer, Keywords for a special Ad.

Finally, here you put the exact list of keywords you’re going to use for this specific ad.

Above is the Apple Search Ads basic structure, use this model to organize your campaigns and approach the best practice in your iAd activities.

2.  Case Study for a Black Friday Campaign

As you have already known the correct structure to build campaigns, we are going to build an imaginary campaign for Black Friday promotion ads.

Black Friday is a great event to promote your items, to make the best use of this opportunity, we will:

  • Create a special new account, such as,
  • Assume you have 6 APPs all together, and they can be divided into 3 groups, per their categories and features. So, we create 3 Campaign Groups.
  • You first APP is available for both iPad and iPhone, then we create 2 campaigns, one the iPad, the other one is for iPhone platform only.
  • Create Ads Groups / Keywords Groups in each campaign, where we treat the keywords in different dimensions, such as, main keywords, related keywords, raising keywords, long tail keywords, competitors’ keywords, and so on. Use ASMbee iAd analytic tool to find more keywords if you need.
  • Now comes to the finale layer, Keywords. Put the exact keywords you want to use for each list, then you are good to go!Apple Search Ads best practice, apple search ads campaign structure,apple iad best practice

Of course, this is the basic structure to start a campaign from start. ASMBee will keep researching, and share more Apple Search Ads best practice and strategies in future. So please come back occasionally!

Apple Search Ads Best Practice: Campaign Structure

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