3 Things You Should Know for Apple Search Ads

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It’s not difficult to use App Store Search Ads for most Marketers, especially who was using Google Adwords and Facebook Ads Platform. However, there exist bugs or designs that are not that convenient. We can say,the Search Ads Dashboard itself, is in the newbie level of its life cycle.

When teaching, and operating the platform ourselves, ASMBee has noticed some places that may affect, or even trap you work in Search Ads, then waste you lots of time to solve, or drive you into crazy eventually.

When you use App Store Search Ads,keep in mind of the following 3 things for configuration, will save your time, and mood, also.

1.  You cannot remove Campaigns and Ads Groups.

In the purpose of running a test, you created a bunch of Campaigns, with 12 Ads Group inside them, and of course, a long list of Keywords in every Ads Group. Well, congratulations, they will stay in your dashboard, and cannot be removed!

The only operations we can do to campaigns, ads groups and keywords are Activate or Pause, Apple is not providing a deletion option here.

So, be careful when you create them, even if you just want to test the settings and configurations.

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2.  You cannot modify the matching mode for keywords

There are two ways of keywords matching in search ads dashboard, Broad or Exact. Whichever you select during the beginning of your ads setting, you cannot change them from one to another. This is different from Goolge or Facebook, they both offer an option to let you make changes if you need.

Some of you may ask, “Is it possible to change it if I download the keywords list, then modify the settings in the spread sheet, then upload the list back to my panel?” Unfortunately, this method is also not realistic after ASMBee tested it by our own account.

So, think clear about how would you like your keywords be matched, in the very beginning, or you will have to keep this Ads Group paused, and start a new one.

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3.  Page reloads automatically when you start or pause

The whole page will automatically reload itself if you change the status of a campaign, yet another difference from Google Adwords or Facebook Ads.

You may ask, what does this mean? Well~

No doubt there are many circumstances we need to reorder the data, to make it more reasonable for a certain purpose. But, if you change the status, the list will turn back to its original order. It’s not that horrible, but do cause some trouble, and waste time.

There is still a long way for Search Ads to grow and evolve. Pay attention to the flaws and improvements will help you understand it better, and benefit from it, eventually.

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3 Things You Should Know for Apple Search Ads

2 thoughts on “3 Things You Should Know for Apple Search Ads

  • February 22, 2017 at 5:15 pm

    Great stuff guys!

    Something to keep in mind for #2 is that you would never want to change the match type of a keyword (unless you just uploaded it and made a mistake) because there’s historical data associated with that keyword that will affect future performance of said keyword.

    • February 27, 2017 at 8:44 am

      Hi Edwin, thanks for the professional suggestion! We’re building a community and outputting high quality articles/content to Apple Search Ads users, it will be great if someone as professional as yourself can join our writers team!


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