3 Differences between Apple Search Ads, Google and Facebook

Apple search ads, Apple iAd, Search Ads Differences


It’s a nature of human to compare a new thing with existing ones. It’s been a couple of months, many are figuring how different is Apple Search Ads, also known as Apple iAd, to the familiar one, such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. To ASMBee, there ARE differences between them.

1.  Trigger Mechanism of Apple Search Ads?

Internet ads can be divided into two general types: Search Ads and Display Ads. A typical Display Ads example is Facebook Ads, users will see integrated ads when they browse the pages. Apple Search Ads display the related ads according to users search terms. Google combines both types.

Search Ads only appear in search engines such as App Store search panel, Google, Bing, etc. But display ads can be seen from many other places, for instance, websites and blogs. The biggest resource that’s distributing the display ads is Google Display Ads Network.

Then it’s not hard to understand why giant websites like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter is running their only Ads systems, rather than use third-party Display Ads platforms.

Apple search ads, Apple iAd, Search Ads Differences

2.  The Results?

Nobody likes ads, it’s no doubt. But, do you like a relative or irrelevant ads if you have to choose one? Search Ads gives some results that are based on the keywords you input in the search bar, while display ads shows some prepared content, much like a broadcast.

Of course, the modern display ads can be customized to a wide range, such as location, age, gender, devices, but generally speaking, Search Ads performs far better than the Display Ads.

Even in Display Ads providers, the performances are varying. As users will leave more identifying info on Social Medias, the SNS Ads platforms are obviously result better than other types.

3.  CPC, CPM, CPA? Which one Apple Search Ads Belongs to?

The main charge modes can be listed as CPC, CPM, CPA, or CPT (Cost per Tap) in Apple Search Ads. Apple Search Ads is solely using the CPT model to calculate your cost, meantime, providing a CPA price as binding reference. But Facebook is charging mainly by CPM, and CPA in some circumstances.

Apple search ads, Apple iAd, Search Ads Differences

Google and Facebook are the two giant platform in this market, but there is still a good chance for Apple to benefit a lot if they improve the UX consistently, because the huge amount of users and large proportion of downloading from search result, which is 65%, according to Apple data.

3 Differences between Apple Search Ads, Google and Facebook

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