14 Questions to Know before Apple Search Ads Releases in Your Country-Part 2

7.Now how does App developers in North America respond to Apple Search Ads?and what do they actually benefit from it?

Apple released the App Store Search Ads in North America on October last year. When comparing to the CPA (cost per acquisition), Apple is $ 1.04, while Google is $ 5.918. When converting the CR (conversion rate), Apple produces more than 46%, Google only 3%.Apple Search Ads is more effective but cost lower. Currently the developers in North America prefer Apple search ads.

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8.Is it possible to detect how the apps are advertised?

In general, companies are unable to know the choice of keywords and bid condition, unless the company carrying out the actual operation to test and monitor the potential keywords and optimization strategy of the app. To do so, it is necessary to spend considerable money. If you want to know the bid information and strategy, besides Apple, DeciMob is the only third-party that can provide these data.

9.What is the CPA in ASM?

This question seems to be simple, but it is equivalent to how much is a smartphone. Different industry, different category, different relevance (APP quality), different keywords, many different issues cause the results that CPA can’t be marked as a clear price. That is to say, the essence of the bid is dynamic, it can be influenced by many factors, and we can only figure it out in specific APP.

10.Which kind of customers are doing ASM?

Many APPs bid in North America. There are games, social, photography and video games, efficiency, shopping, music, entertainment, tools, travel, life, food, health and fitness, finance, navigation, education, news, sports, weather, reference, business, books, medical , stickers, merchandise guide and other categories. Games and shopping have occupied the most amount of delivery.

11.Is it possible to know the actual cost of each keywords?

You can view it from the reports provided by Apple, they will show you eight indicators that we have mentioned above.

It depends on the Apps’ own conditions. There are many factors may influence your impressions, such as keywords, ASO, relevance, foundation. Because of profitability of the Apple Search Ads, Apple will distribute more traffic to the APPs that have higher CR.

12.Should I bid by myself or find an agency?

Both are OK, it depends on your professionalism, budget and other factors.

13. ASM era, how’s the foreground of offer-wall?

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In free ecosystem, Apple is the largest anti-cheat platform. That is to say, Apple knows all about offer-wall, the users and their behavior.As Apple released Apple Search Ads, the biggest impact on the offer-wall was that the whole model has been changed. If offer-wall follows the current pattern, it is going to die.

Once Industry standards are improved, data and technical level should also be improved, it will break through the current threshold, into the next era.

14.What is the change of Apple ecosystem share in ASM era?

Questiions-about-Apple- Search-Ads-App-Search-Marketing

Apple is at the top of this ecosystem. In the last era, ASO agencies and ASO Boost teams have shared the whole market. Now, the industry reshuffles, Apple may take 90%, the remaining 10 percent will be carved up by survivors.

Through the phenomenon to see the essence, standing in different angles will see the appearance behind hidden truth. Speculation may make more benefits, but for you, which one do you prefer? Short-term interests (ASO) or long-term interests (ASM)? In ASM era, you need to keep up with the pace, otherwise you will be thrown to the edge of the market.

14 Questions to Know before Apple Search Ads Releases in Your Country-part 2

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