14 Questions to Know before Apple Search Ads Releases in Your Country-Part 1

Questiions-about-Apple- Search-Ads-App-Search-Marketing

Apple App store offers a platform which makes Apps developers, ASO agencies, ASO Boost teams, Offer-wall teams and many players win together in harmony. Since Apple released the App Store Search Ads in North America, lots of iOS developers, as well as ASO teams, have joined this trend. In this way, many small companies were influenced by the inadvertent action of industry leader. Apple apps continue to drive in more developers to the platform due to the profitability of Apple Search Ads. For the developers and agencies, once they figure out the situation and development of ASM, the profits will be great.

While helping developers and agencies for optimizing their Search Ads strategies, ASMBee answered some of the most concerned questions as following:


1. What do you need to be prepared in advance at this stage?

Before Apple releases App Store Search Ads in your country, the most important thing you need to do is Basic ASO.

Make sure your keywords are among top 100 in the search results. Why do we focus on the ranking? It is the work that we can prepare in advance to get more impressions in the ASM. The impression is determined by relevance and bid price, on the situation of North America, if the relevance of your ads is too poor, then no matter how much you bid, the ads will not display in any way.

Questiions-about-Apple- Search-Ads-App-Search-Marketing

2 What are the features of Apple Search Ads?

It has no limitation of the budget, you can start or stop at any time you want. You can create multiple campaigns, do user targeting, track result by using Attribution API.


3. Questions about the Open API

Three main functions of API: campaign management, keyword management and reporting. Using the API requires an administrator of the Apple Search Ads accounts to create and download a certificate for the debugging purpose based on the resources and roles (administrator / editor / read-only) in the console.

Campaign management: campaigns, ads groups, keywords

Keyword management: Only used for batch actions against keywords

Reporting: Output reports based on periods (hour / day / week / month), ads groups, keywords, search words, devices, gender, age, area to check cost, impression, click, download, CPT, CPA, TTR, CR- a total of eight indicators.


4. What is the average CR in Apple Search Ads?

The ratio from impression to tap (TTR) is: 8-15%;

The ratio from tap to download (CR) is: 50-80%.


5. What are the Key indicators in Apple Search Ads?

The most important eight indicators of Apple background data: Spending, Impressions, Taps, Conversions, TTR (tap-through rate), Average CPA (cost per action), Average CPT (cost per action), CR (conversion rate)

Questiions-about-Apple- Search-Ads-App-Search-Marketing


6. Which is better for ASM? Free apps or paid ones?

The users have a good impression on free apps, which will bring more downloads. The paid apps require less budgets than free one, because users will pay when they download the app, but they may feel unreliable about it because of the ads. It depends on your strategy and whether there is sufficient budget.


===To Be Continued===

14 Questions to Know before Apple Search Ads Releases in Your Country-Part 1

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